What up, internet!  Welcome to my flog.

I’m Imogen, and I like makeup.  I am Australian but I have lived in Scotland since 2008.  The first five years of that time was spent in Oban running a backpackers’ hostel, and I am currently Glasgow-based.

I have a life-long love of experimenting with and being creative with makeup.  And here is where I will indulge that, putting up my attempts (in their varying degrees of success) at all different kinds of looks.  Since August 2013 I have been studying a Higher National Diploma in Makeup Artistry at the Clydebank College, so get set to see lots of posts about what I’m learning!

This flog is just for fun, no one pays me to do it (sadly) or sends me products to get me to write about them (sadly), so everything here unless otherwise credited is my own original material and own opinion.

I hope you enjoy!


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