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call me crazy…

18 Apr

Me, supporting (a) Denmark in the World Cup or (b) marriage equality? Cast your votes in the comments below!

… but I think we – all us human adult people – all should have the same rights.  Equal rights for everyone.  The right to vote, own property, earn the same wage for doing the same job.  And if you’re in love with someone and you want to get married, that should be that.

You can't argue with Oprah.

You can’t argue with Oprah.

It’s a bit embarrassing, that in 2013, we’re even still discussing it.  Big cheers for New Zealand who have just passed the bill to legalise same-sex marriage.  Now can the rest of us get with the fuckin’ program?

If you DON’T believe in marriage equality, you’re like … one of those people 50 years ago who thought it should be illegal for black people to marry white people.  That’s what you are.

And if that’s you, please get your eyeballs off my flog.  This website isn’t for assholes.


I’m serious

tyger tyger, burning bright

4 Apr

A collection of tiger pics, because it’s prudent to keep these things all together in the one place.  Also, I’m in Iceland right now so this is a pre-scheduled post while I don’t have any new material to put up.  Heehee.

The original, and best

The original, and best

Me and Jaxx selling Christmas trees

Francine being a tiger for Halloween

Francine being a tiger for Halloween

Irene with Agi who was a green tiger, just because

Irene with Agi who was a green tiger, just because

Me as a rainbow tiger

Me as a rainbow tiger

Facepaint done at the Polo Lounge

Chloe's St Patrick's Day green tiger

Chloe’s St Patrick’s Day green tiger


anime/manga eyes

2 Apr

I saw this video on YouTube and decided to give it a shot.

She’s using all MAC products but as usual I just made do with what I already had, using the white cream makeup I’ve mentioned previously that can be bought on eBay for a couple of bucks.  Next time I practice this I think I’ll use the Snazaroo facepaint.

What do you think?





Please excuse the shite quality of the photos, they were taken on my phone camera 🙂

St Patrick’s Day facepaint

15 Mar

So, my Snazaroo colours have arrived from eBay – Grass Green, Bright Green, White and Black (in case anyone wants a pint of Guinness painted on their cheek).  I wasn’t able to get hold of any green glitter anywhere in Oban; seems everyone has the same idea, AND is more organised than I am.


And here I am, on reception in the hostel, practicing painting shamrocks on the back of my hand.


In other green makeup news, I used the ole Illamasqua sealing liquid on Chloe the other night, in a St Paddy’s take on the classic feline-flicked eye.


She commented that once it had set, it felt a bit tight and weird on her eyes.  I haven’t had that problem using it on myself, but maybe I was laying it on her a bit thick.

Another cautionary tale; I started doing the flick using the Maybelline Eye Studio 24 Hour Colour Tattoo in black, but it didn’t really work out.  As regular readers are aware, I am a huge fan of those lil pots of metallic colour perfection, but I can now say I think they’re best suited for a wash of colour, a smokey eye or as a primer on which to build powder colours.  For precision work, I had trouble getting a clean and opaque line.

DSC04847 DSC04848 DSC04850

Yes, Colin does have leopard-print lips there.  Just a few teasers for an upcoming post 😉  Right after this last photo was taken, Nothing Compares To You by Sinead O’Connor came on, which is Colin’s favourite song, and we had a huge and very emotional sing-along – so there’s the answer to yesterday’s caption competition riddle, for those following on Facebook.

Stay tuned, and I hope you don’t feel too green the day after your St Patrick’s Day celebrations!  xX

have you lost weight?

18 Jan

I like skeletons.  I have skull-motif everything.  If it comes in a bones version, I’ll take that one.  It’s no surprise, then, that one of my first major Halloween face-paint undertakings was skull makeup.

First I hit Google images for some guidance; quite often I’ve got no clue how to actually execute these brilliant ideas of mine.  I’ll admit it… I’m very ‘inspired by’.  Luckily, there’s the internet, just brimming with ideas to be pinched, mixed together and re-done.  There are some fantastic ideas out there… check out this and this and this!

So after a LOT of research, I pinched ideas from basically all of them and got busy.  I really liked the idea of vertebrae painted on the neck, and I wanted the teeth to be the main detail/feature.  Alewyn lent me his face to practice on:


…which I was pretty happy with.  Not bad for a first attempt.  Here’s my second attempt, on myself:

skull mirror

… and in negative, X-ray style.

skull portrait

I actually like Alewyn’s better.  No one recognised me, which was my secret goal, so still a good effort.  Here’s what I used to do it:

  • basic black and white cream makeup (you can see the black tube in the top left-hand photo of the pictures of Alewyn.  It comes in every colour of the rainbow – plus an odd range of baby-shit browns and mustards – and you can buy it on eBay for a couple of bucks.  With the exception of the blue one, which flakes like f_ck, this makeup is pretty good.  Cheap, opaque, wears well without smudging/travelling, easily washes off.)
  • MAC Paint Pot in Blackground around the eyes, as I didn’t trust the cream makeup not to crease;
  • black and brown eyeliner to outline the teeth, and matte eyeshadows in medium brown, orange and yellow to discolour them (the brilliant white of the cream makeup was making my own choppers look rather beige in comparison.  Action had to be taken); and
  • yes of course I’m wearing mascara.

Oooh, now I’m inspired to do another skull-face again soon.  These photos are from Halloween 2009 I think… so it’s long overdue.  Next time I’ll be using my newly-acquired Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (Shade: SB01) which gives a good translucent ghost-pale.  Set with universal/colourless finishing powder so black and grey powder can be used to create hollows and shadows, make it a bit more 3D.

Since we’re here, here’s Agi and Paul, both with a quarter-face skull done by me for Halloween 2010.  Looking at this photo now I am going to guess (cos I can’t remember) that the black in the eye sockets and on the nose is MAC Paint Pot in Blackground, and the white is Snazaroo Clown White.  By the by, Clown White is more comfortable to wear and doesn’t flake as much as cream makeup, and you can build it up as you want it (you can see it extends down to the jawline on Agi, and is much more opaque from the teeth up where I’ve put on additional layers).  So for whitening up a bigger surface, I’d recommend it over cream makeup, even though it’s probably not as opaque even when it’s on nice and thick.  It’s just less likely to become dry/uncomfortable, and crack up.  Anyway, here they are:


… and from Halloween 2012, here’s my friend Joy looking amazing as a sugar-skull.  It wasn’t me that did the makeup, but I love her look; the cherry-red hair and white contacts, wow –


So there you have it, boys and girls.  Skeletal fun.  Stay tuned for further adventures in the underworld, this is one of my favourite faces to do so it won’t be the last you see here 🙂

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