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let me run something up your flagpole

17 Feb

Going to the football?  Here, let me sort you out.

Here’s me on Australia Day in 2009 – we had an excellent party in the hostel that year, all down to other resident redhead Aussie at the time – Ken – who paid outstanding attention to detail and got in everyone’s favourite Australian delicacies (Toffee Apples, Milo, Chicos, Cherry Ripes, Burger Rings – you name it).

Anyway – these flags are all done with cream makeup/facepaint that’s available on eBay for a couple of bucks per tube.  Not sure if you can see on my blue face but it’s flaking to buggery – maybe I had it on too thick?  Or maybe it was a dud batch of paint.  The blue corner of the South African flag on Alewyn’s face suffered the same fate, while the rest of the facepaint lasted pretty well (not only on his face, but everyone else’s who came within smearing distance!)

2120_61397955829_7780_n 5293_265574940187_6601607_n

And Dos Tonis, getting ready to celebrate LOUDLY for the World Cup in 2010 (?? – is it every four years like the Olympics??)


I’m not sure what was going on with Chloe’s makeup here; from memory we were at a dress up party (Morgan’s birthday?) and at the last minute hastily threw together her costume; I think she was a flag.  The dress she’s in was a floor length stripey beach-ball number and her face was just painted with the colours I had to hand that kind-of matched.  Heehee.  That was the day I first had my hair cut into a mullet (April or May 2012) by Oban’s one and only Karlos; it has since gone from strength to strength (in length).

Anyway.  Not an official flag according to the UN, but still.

012_12 (19)

is that… Alice Cooper?

13 Feb

No.  It’s Grant in makeup and a wig!


Why so sad, Alice-Grant?  Is it because my plan to see your performance in Edinburgh on Halloween last year fell through, and you’re all bummed out because one of your fans never got to see you live on stage?  I was disappointed, too – Chloe and I were going to go as Wayne and Garth.  But it was not to be.

I didn’t think tickets would sell out as fast as they did, then BOOM all of a sudden they were £140.  Damn the scalpers, damn them all to hell (but not the good part of hell where I will be roasting marshmallows with all my friends in due course – the bad part, for bad people who rip music fans off.  Hisss)


Well.  As I always say, if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself.  Didn’t get to meet Alice Cooper?  Just paint someone else up to look like him and voila.  We are the masters of our own destinies, the architects of our own fortunes, the creators of our own fan-girl photo opportunities, are we not?


What we have here, for those curious about the technicalities, is MAC Paintpot in Blackground (that bad-boy’s been getting quite the workout lately, but it really is good stuff), just painted on with a concealer brush.

Add a black wig – I found this one under the reception desk – and fingerless stud faux leather gloves.  Borrow a leather jacket from a Spanish guy called Sergio (if you can find one), and Bob’s your uncle.  Or Grant’s your Alice.  Or whatever.

Have fun, dear children.

men with makeup: David Bowie

1 Feb

If you’re super sleuthy and very observant, you’ll have picked up that I’m a bit of a David Bowie fan. If you need a quick reminder of what there is to love about the guy, check this out quickly.

I could bang on all day about his awe-inspiring, before-his-time approach to entertainment, image, performance, reinvention and alter-ego, but you don’t have all day.  Suffice to say he’s a bitchin’ rockstar from Mars.  People (or Martians) like David Bowie don’t come along all that often.  Lady Gaga is the only one who immediately springs to my mind as anywhere near in the same league of experimental, high-concept creativity.  And let’s face it, she is not shy about displaying his influence on her either.  Come to think of it, she’s got lightning bolt makeup in one of her videos, doesn’t she?

Let’s have a quick perve on his Labyrinth look.  That hair!  That crotch!

yes yes oh my god yes

There are a lot of David Bowie ‘looks’ I plan to recreate, but today let’s talk about the one that I sported for a dress-up party in July 2012.  The pub hosts a dress-up party every time it’s Friday the 13th in any month, and they choose a theme and everyone gets right into it.  The theme for this one was ‘hippies’ but I wanted to be David Bowie on his Aladdin Sane album cover, so I just went right ahead and did my own thing.


Cool, huh?  Here’s how I did it.

1. Watch a handful of tutorial videos on YouTube.

2.  Go!

I used a really pale concealer pretty much all over my face as foundation, which was dense and tight and uncomfortable to wear, and I have since bought an Illamasqua foundation that’s pretty white, which I’ll be using next time I need to go super-pale.  Even paler than I already am, I mean.

One of the instruction videos I watched used sticky-tape to get straight lines, but I found it easier to go freehand  – using a lip brush and pink lipstick for my lightening bolt, and blue cream makeup for the blue accents, I just painted it on in long straight strokes.  Speed and confidence are your secret weapon when it comes to straight lines.  There is gold eyeshadow on my forehead and pink eyeshadow on my eye sockets to set the lipstick and stop it from smearing everywhere.

I had a half-assed go at covering my eyebrows using a gluestick, but this is an area of continued improvement for me.  Haven’t quite nailed the covered-eyebrow yet.

There’s a bit of contouring done at the collarbones, temples, cheekbones, jawline, sides of the nose, chin-bum and above the cupid’s bow/top lip.  For that I used a cheap dark brown bronzer followed by an apricot blush to blend the edges off.  I still wanted the contouring to be quite exaggerated, as in the original David Bowie picture the contrast is quite high.

David Bowie does not have a generous mouth, but it’s more generous than mine so I relocated my lower lipline for the evening with a nude lipliner, and filled in my lips with a beigey-goldy lipstick.

Mullet is stylist’s own.

imo bowie306505_10151071016755589_2102045672_n imo bowie 2

Stay tuned for more Bowie album cover re-creations, coming soon.




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