Grant’s skull nails (freehand)

7 Feb

So, this was what I was trying to do.

skull nails

My handsome, hilarious, charismatic friend Canadian Ian emailed me that picture, knowing I love all things skull and nail art.  I screamed and decided to give it a go, enlisting my favourite hand model Grant and his nice big neat fingernails.


I started off painting the ‘ribs’ hand black with Barry M Nail Paint in Black.  For the hand with the skulls, I painted a big white spot with my white nail striper from, outlined with my black nail striper.  Grant commented that this was a bit of a 60s/mod kind of look, and I agree – in fact it reminded me of these nails from MAC’s Glamour Daze collection (late 2012)….

mac glamour daze

…which I tried to recreate on myself a few months ago, long before I owned nail stripers, I was painting the black on with a regular (ie, too thick) nail polish brush so it was impossible to get the thin lines I was after.  So I improvised and only did three sides of each nail, I thought they looked pretty funky and graphic.  I like the combination of candy pink and black.


And here are those nails in action, just for fun.


Anyway, back to the skulls.  They then transformed into panda feet and something kinda Aztec, when I painted the teeth on with my white nail striper.

IMG_2564 IMG_2565

Before finally becoming what I think is a decent copy of the photo up the top of this post!


In the original picture she’s got nail stickers on her thumbs; here’s me with two different types of Nail Rock stickers on my pinky and ring fingers (for some reason they WILL NOT stay on my middle and index fingers on either hand). 


So what do you think?  Do you find fiddly nail art easy or does it take you FOREVER (like me!)?

skull nails


Thanks to Instagram Queen Carissa for the snaps of my nails!

One Response to “Grant’s skull nails (freehand)”

  1. rufusstandish February 8, 2013 at 6:34 pm #

    This really has inspired me to give it a go. Already gathering ideas.

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