men with makeup: Colin

19 Feb

Today we explore another type of non-permanent body decoration: indelible-pen nipple-art.

Allow me to introduce you to my favourite male housemate, Colin.

surf and turf

That’s us on the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco, in March 2012.  And here we are in Vegas, with my doing a shocking job of the Amplifier octopus on his arm.


Sometimes we like to swap clothes, which works for me because he’s Scottish and in a kilt 100% of the time.  It also works for him because I dress like a man from the 80s.


And of course, like any friend of mine who’s ever been in the same room as me, a bottle of vodka and a Sharpie, Colin is an esteemed member of the Pen Fifteen club.


Colin is such a good sport, in fact, that he didn’t press charges when I did this to him:




As I always say, that’s what friends are for.


PS Here’s a photo of me, Chloe and Colin playing hooker-card snap on the Strip, because I know she’ll be pissed at me for making it look like she wasn’t even there for Road Trip 2012.


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