an eye-dea…

11 Mar

… I plan to steal.

makeup store stud eye - rebecka andersson

By Rebecka Andersson for Swedish makeup brand and outlet, Makeup Store (they’re worldwide, but here are links for my lovers in the UK and Australia).  Follow them on Facebook, they put up great ideas for inspiration – look out especially for step-by-step photos on Tutorial Tuesday!

They do good everything.  And their magazine is brilliant.  Just lots of big pretty pictures for me to hand to my volunteers/models and say ‘what do you want to look like today?”

Last time I was in Australia I went to the Burnside Village outlet with my lovely Mum and she bought me a mascara in ‘aubergine’ which is a nice dark purple, perfect for days when you want dark lashes but you don’t want them to be black.  Hey, it happens.

Mum bought herself an eyeliner pencil for the waterline and the salesgirl gave a very good tip – don’t go for a bright white eyeliner above your lower lash-line, if you’re trying to make the whites of your eyes look brighter.  Go for an off-white with a yellow tone, as it will give the same brightening effect, but a pure white can actually make the whites of your eyes look discoloured by comparison.

Happy brand discovery, my pretties!

EDIT: The M Magazine comes out twice a year, in February and September.  Burnside Village outlet of Makeup Store is closed for the foreseeable future, sadly 😦  but you can place orders by ringing your nearest outlet.  Check online for contacts 🙂

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  1. rebecca2000 March 12, 2013 at 12:15 am #

    Super cute 🙂

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