oh no!

2 May

self-imposed flog-every-other-day deadline is upon me again, but I have been moving house (well, moving business premises) and haven’t even showered today, let alone done anything awesome with makeup.

So, here we have another text-based post that probably no one will read, because let’s face it, you’re here for the pretty pictures.

Speaking of pretty pictures, here are a couple of links to places I go when I want to scroll through loads of pictures going “ooooh”.

First up, the one and only Psycho Sandra.  

She’s the one who did this:



… and everything she does is amazing and cool and she’s self-taught as well, but so much more ACTUALLY talented than me and I feel a bit jealous and sick when I look at her blog, but she’s so good I can’t stay away.

A new favourite is the community photos page on http://www.beautylish.com – excellent when you want to go on an idea-stealing rampage.  Everything’s on there, entire looks or just ideas for eye, lips, hair, nails… everything.

Enjoy, and see you again in a couple of days when I’ve got some new material!

xX blogs and kisses Xx

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