I’ll be your dream, I’ll be your wish, I’ll be your FANTASY!

27 Nov

Don’t worry friends, I won’t put THAT Savage Garden song anywhere near this post.  (You’ll have to click through here to see what I’m talking about if you don’t already know.)

Anyway – FANTASY FACE!  That’s right flogstars.  We’re straying into krazy katwalk territory now; welcome to the Fantasy Face unit of advanced makeup techniques.

The story so far:

Tutor Gillian demonstrating on Jordan

Tutor Gillian demonstrating on Jordan

wpid-20131112_102501.jpg wpid-20131112_115703.jpg


dirty girls


I studded Shinnerz right up


… then contoured her to within an inch of her life


She got her revenge by putting a fishnet stocking on my heid to create a fish-scaley effect, and turned me into a merman

wpid-20131112_114628.jpg wpid-20131112_114915.jpg wpid-20131112_114937.jpg wpid-20131112_115008.jpg  wpid-20131119_114531.jpg

So we’ve got another few weeks of this, the only two criteria for assessment being that we have to use “skin additions” (sticking pretty much anything on) and the design has to go down on to the neck.  One two three GO!

Here’s Tesla with Modern Day Cowboy, cos that’s what you are, you sexy little flogstar.  Love your guts.

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