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let’s get brorange

1 Sep

So that’s summer (LOL) officially over, you lot.  Now we enter the time of walks through crisp fragrant autumnal air, leaves crunching beneath our stylish boots as we make our way towards an inviting-looking cafe for some kind of spiced hot chocolate.



exactly like this

I woke up this afternoon following a very vivid dream in which I was taking loads of selfies with Steven Tyler and having a huge laugh because we couldn’t get one in which at least one of us looked normal.  When I woke from this dream I reached for my phone to double check that hadn’t actually happened, and was quite surprised to see the only photo I took last night was this:


oh, Glasgow.

So speaking of Aerosmith here they are with What It Takes, even though I should probably be putting on Dream On.  We’re going with What It Takes because it reminds me of Irene.

Happy Sunday, saints and sinners Xx

I said “I love you” too soon…

4 May

…and Spring got scared off.


So the shit weather is all my fault, sorry guys.

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