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13 Dec

I did a makeup, y’all.¬† Three makeups actually, but so far I only have photos of two.

This was for hair magician Stephen Doran of Vidal Sassoon in Prince’s Square (Glasgow).
Photographs by Bryce Lowrie.
Models are Yasmin Coll and Darnell Starks Jr.

Check their foxiness:



It was loads of fun working with all of them ūüôā

Speaking of having amazing hair and being extraordinarily attractive, here are sexy¬†noo yoikas Station with their bangin’ tune Everything. ¬†Seriously, I feel sorry for you if you don’t click on the music clips I embed to pleasure each and every one of you aurally. ¬†You’d be missing out.

This song is one of a very small handful that I can always rely on to put me in a good mood, no matter what. ¬†It was also my go-to ‘sound check’ track for whenever I moved the speakers 1mm in any direction at the backpackers, and would need to put something on at the highest volume just to make sure they were working OK.

So press play, and enjoy the next 4:40 of your life, kids. ¬†You’re welcome.

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