Introducing my models

16 Jan

I suppose I should begin by introducing the gracious folk who lend me their faces.


That’s us (probably about 20 years ago), me on the left and my sister Chloe on the right (bad photo, she’s not actually developmentally challenged).  Chloe has been with me from the beginning, letting me apply eyeshadow directly to her eyeball without (much) complaint.  She is a very patient model and one of my favourites because her face is so similar to mine, so it’s easy.  And weird and interesting putting makeup on my own bone structure, but not in the mirror.

Speaking of mirrors, here she is again.  A more recent photo, mirrored in two different wigs.  This was Halloween 2012, where she went POP-art.  More on that occasion later.


I am also lucky enough to have a dear friend who is as keen as I am on the more creative side of makeup; Agi, who always has an interesting idea and always lets me just practice.


So these two are my main faces.  You’ll be seeing plenty of these two lovely ladies.

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