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28 Jan

bowie gareth gif

I have been sitting here for a few hours now, trying to think of how to start this flog post, and more importantly how to end it.  As dedicated flogstars will know, I could talk about Bowie until the cows come home, but I am without cows so it’d be a bloody long wait.  I still don’t think I’d run out of things to say about David, his greatness and how much I luuuurve him.

So, this post is all pictures, not because I have nothing to say, but because I feel slightly overwhelmed by how much ground I could cover.  We’d be here all night.  And day.  And then all night again.


I took these today on my camera but the real photos will be even better – these are just a cheeky little sneak peek, just close-ups of makeup but you just wait til you see the fully styled and finished shots.

Today’s team was:
Mega-babe models: Rebecca Goldie and Aaron Bird
Photographer extraordinaire: Paul Wylie
Hair magician: Gillian Cleminson
Wardrobe/styling genius: Kim Wallace
Bowie makeup specialist: Imogen Maxwell (that’s me, kids)
Location: The Buff Low Cafe, Glasgow (who very kindly allowed us to shoot on their premises when our first location fell through at the very last second!)


she was winking, you just can’t see it


my dedication to Bowie rivalled only by Aaron’s – shaved eyebrows. My hero.


Goldie by name, goldie by jacket/lip colour/forehead circle.


I’m messy and I take up ALL the space and I’m NOT sorry

DSC_0112 DSC_0129 shoot

I had the best day doing this; normally there are some butterflies that come with rocking up to a shoot not knowing anyone, not knowing how it will turn out, who will show up, what the atmosphere will be, whether my work will be good enough etc etc etc.  But this was my total happy-place in every detail: doing my very favourite makeup amongst calm, focussed, organised, dedicated, professional creatives at work.  Now, to find a way to get paid for this shit! 😉

Thanks to all those who were involved in making this shoot happen; I can’t wait to see the finished shots!  Now just watch this just quickly.

Introducing my models

16 Jan

I suppose I should begin by introducing the gracious folk who lend me their faces.


That’s us (probably about 20 years ago), me on the left and my sister Chloe on the right (bad photo, she’s not actually developmentally challenged).  Chloe has been with me from the beginning, letting me apply eyeshadow directly to her eyeball without (much) complaint.  She is a very patient model and one of my favourites because her face is so similar to mine, so it’s easy.  And weird and interesting putting makeup on my own bone structure, but not in the mirror.

Speaking of mirrors, here she is again.  A more recent photo, mirrored in two different wigs.  This was Halloween 2012, where she went POP-art.  More on that occasion later.


I am also lucky enough to have a dear friend who is as keen as I am on the more creative side of makeup; Agi, who always has an interesting idea and always lets me just practice.


So these two are my main faces.  You’ll be seeing plenty of these two lovely ladies.

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