can’t sleep.

13 Oct

Chloe is lying next to me laughing at videos of cats having sex on YouTube.

yep, two single beds shoved together.  This is living.

yep, two single beds shoved together. This is living.

Too much creepy shit up in here.


We went to see Machete Kills this afternoon.  Amazing.  And you’ll be happy to hear that Machete Kills Again: In Space is underway.  So is the second Sin City movie.  Fucking love Robert Rodriguez.  Here’s a picture of Lady Gaga’s nails in Machete Kills, a fine example of the highly stylised… styling of his movies.  Stylin’!


I am too tired to say anything intelligent, best beloved.  Getting up early for work after a night of no sleep, due to sharing a bed with a coughing, farting, cat-sex watching sister is really taking it out of me.  Hope y’all have had a good weekend.  Thank you and good night!

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