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11 Oct

October is a big month here at imogenmaxwell.com – we’re fast approaching our first birthday and 100th post!  Chloe has moved to Glasgow!  It’s Halloween!  And you know what that means.  Crazy makeup, costumes, and skulls on EVERYTHING.

these are a few of my favourite thiiiiiings

these are a few of my favourite thiiiiiings

Chloe is staying with me while she flat-hunts and job-hunts.  The day before she arrived, I re-configured my room to fit her and her stuff in.  The following morning I was in a bit of a mad rush to get out of the flat and off to college so I left something on the bed that left Chloe, by her own admission… speechless.


That’s right, a severed head aka a hairdressing dummy.

I call her Jenny.

I call her Jenny.

I had been watching some reconstruction of the Meredith Kercher crime scene the other day on the telly, which inspired me to cast my eye around my own room and speculate about what conclusions a homicide detective/the world media would draw.

Not good.

My bedside table had two things on it; a measuring tape and a packet of painkillers.

How many creepy cat teapots do you have?  I have three.

How many creepy cat teapots do you have? I have three.

So now I have added “interior decorator” to my dream-list of staff, just to save me from posthumously humiliating myself.

Moving on, this week in college we continued with body painting and basic makeup.  Thursday was my second wig assessment which … had to be abandoned half way through as my model fainted.  Ooops.  Poor old Agi, the studio really was very hot and stuffy, and the gin fumes rising off me as I got up close and personal with the body-paint wouldn’t have made her feel too good either.

This week in pictures:


Pin-curling Agi’s hair – couldn’t she have bloody well fainted BEFORE I had to do that fiddly bullshit?


Basic makeup with the Belfast Babes


I am actually that tall.


I am painted greyish white, for those too shy to ask. Yes, I am pale but not that pale!


My basic makeup on Belfast Babe Saoirse


That’s all I can show you for the time being, kids.  We’ve got next week off college so updates may become (a) sporadic and (b) nothing to do with makeup, as Chloe and I will be shennaniganing all over Glasgow.

Here’s Heart, they’re sisters too.


Blogs and kisses,
x Imo

I did a makeup!

25 Aug


There you go.  It looks better on my Instagram – are you following me?  Get on it.  www.instagram.com/imogenmaxwell

After all the chit-chat about getting into college and moving cities etc etc, we’re back to mucking about with the facepaint – the whole original point of this flog.

Here are the tasty boys from Jettblack with “Less Torque, More Thrust” to celebrate.

You can’t actually see them in that video obviously, so click here to be taken to some topless photos of them I just happen to have on archive.


Clydebank College, HND Makeup Artistry

7 Mar

So, best beloved, you’re all gagging to know how my interview for a place on the above course went.  While you would be forgiven for thinking that they were interviewing me to see if I was a suitable candidate, in fact what actually happened was that I interviewed them to see whether their course is in the running to be the Next Amazing Fun Thing that I do.

As you can imagine, competition for this accolade is FIERCE.  But I am pleased to announce that the Clydebank College did very well indeed.  The course sounds interesting, challenging and varied.  The course director and lecturer that interviewed me seemed cool.  Tick, tick.

I was surprised (and a little deflated) by how many others there were being interviewed, but not surprised by the fact that I was 15 years older than most of them.  I was not surprised to be told that we’d be expected to ‘look the part’ (ie dress as if we are already working in the industry), but I was surprised that this meant wearing a lot of makeup every day; I had assumed that, because of the practical nature of the tutorials, that we would be practicing on each other and that it’d be better for us to show up with bare faces.  Anyhoo.

Clydebank College is situated in Dalmuir.  I feel quite sorry for it actually.  The walk from the train station to the college was uninspiring to say the least, past buildings that on the ground floor were solid shutters, grills, bars.  Everything required to keep desperation and poverty out.

The college itself is nice though, new and big and seemed to have a lot going on.  I would be very happy to study there.  If candidates are being selected on the basis of elderly-ness, Australianism, fox-factor, passion and really-badly-wanting-it, I’m a shoe-in.  If they’re going to be sticking to their pesky entry requirements then not so much.

I’m certainly not holding my breath because the course seems to have a LOT of applicants, and there are only about 30 places available.  I sincerely hope Clydebank College recognises the rare opportunity they have been given to align themselves to the Imogen Maxwell brand at this early stage of my glittering career.

I’ll find out within 2 weeks and let y’all know.  If they won’t have me then I’ll just bloody well teach myself body painting.  Recruiting nude models now!

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