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welcome to the house of fun

2 Jul

It’s all go here at ImogenMaxwell.com this month; my birthday is coming… 


… my new smart phone has made me 100% more obnoxious… 


… and I’ve got new digs in Glasgow.  I move early August into the most friggin’ gorgeous flat I’ve seen in real life.  From the swamp of responses I received to my gumtree ad, a lone flower emerged from the mire… well, crap analogy but anyway, the best response to my ad led me to three girls around my age with a spare room in the west end.  Score! 


they don’t know I look like this in the morning. Yet.

So that’s it.  I’m moving to Glasgow, decision made.  I now have the timetable for my course, I’m there 4 days a week (annoying) but have Friday-Saturday-Sunday off (excellent).


Makeup Forever aqua cream shadows, Illamasqua powder shadow and sealing gel


Anyhoo.  Today’s hair metal classic is another wee diamond with a slightly WTF opening sequence, Summertime Girls by Californian poodle-permers Y & T.  Within this video you’ll find a wide world of 80s wonder – men in crop tops, a bikini that looks like pubes (why why why), a “heavy metal detector” detecting one of the band members buried under the sand, an actual mermaid and painfully high-cut swimwear that only the 80s can do.  

It’s this kind of fun, feel-good, dumb ole rock-n-roll that really makes summer, for me; it’s sure as shit not the drizzle, 90mph wind and 11-degree days here on the west coast of Scotland.  Enjoy!

it’s official

20 Apr

Imagetoday I received the official email, and I officially accepted my spot on the Makeup Artistry HND at Clydebank.  Officially.

Here is a photo of David to keep you going – today, I didn’t put any makeup on.  Hang tight, mad shit coming.


Clydebank College, HND Makeup Artistry

7 Mar

So, best beloved, you’re all gagging to know how my interview for a place on the above course went.  While you would be forgiven for thinking that they were interviewing me to see if I was a suitable candidate, in fact what actually happened was that I interviewed them to see whether their course is in the running to be the Next Amazing Fun Thing that I do.

As you can imagine, competition for this accolade is FIERCE.  But I am pleased to announce that the Clydebank College did very well indeed.  The course sounds interesting, challenging and varied.  The course director and lecturer that interviewed me seemed cool.  Tick, tick.

I was surprised (and a little deflated) by how many others there were being interviewed, but not surprised by the fact that I was 15 years older than most of them.  I was not surprised to be told that we’d be expected to ‘look the part’ (ie dress as if we are already working in the industry), but I was surprised that this meant wearing a lot of makeup every day; I had assumed that, because of the practical nature of the tutorials, that we would be practicing on each other and that it’d be better for us to show up with bare faces.  Anyhoo.

Clydebank College is situated in Dalmuir.  I feel quite sorry for it actually.  The walk from the train station to the college was uninspiring to say the least, past buildings that on the ground floor were solid shutters, grills, bars.  Everything required to keep desperation and poverty out.

The college itself is nice though, new and big and seemed to have a lot going on.  I would be very happy to study there.  If candidates are being selected on the basis of elderly-ness, Australianism, fox-factor, passion and really-badly-wanting-it, I’m a shoe-in.  If they’re going to be sticking to their pesky entry requirements then not so much.

I’m certainly not holding my breath because the course seems to have a LOT of applicants, and there are only about 30 places available.  I sincerely hope Clydebank College recognises the rare opportunity they have been given to align themselves to the Imogen Maxwell brand at this early stage of my glittering career.

I’ll find out within 2 weeks and let y’all know.  If they won’t have me then I’ll just bloody well teach myself body painting.  Recruiting nude models now!

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