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cheap trick

2 Aug

I got my THRIFTY badge when I was a girl guide and this is why:

bastard boobs busting my bra

bastard boobs busting my bra


underwire, under control

Because I sew my errant underwire back in with dental floss, so it ne’er budges again.  Seriously, try it, and you’ll also have minty-fresh boosies to boot.  Use it to sew buttons back on if you never want them to pop off ever again.  Unbreakable stuff, that dental floss.

I wouldn’t be going all post-war-Poland on my underwear if it wasn’t thirty bucks a pop.  That’s right; the EXPENSIVE perils of being stacked up front.  You lot think it’s all swanning about getting free drinks and whatnot, mais non.

And I’m a student now, you see.  No more of my glorious champagne lifestyle, it’s all spam and spumante for me.

Thank god my older sister Phoebe got me a Bravissimo voucher for my birthday, don't know how much longer that bad boy's going to hold out.

Thank god my favourite older sister Phoebe got me a Bravissimo voucher for my birthday, don’t know how much longer that bad boy’s going to hold out.

Which segues neatly into how I’m going to support myself once my ENORMOUS salary from the Backpackers gets pruned back to practically nothing.  I don’t have the answer to that yet, so while I find a second job, I’ll be filling in surveys on http://www.valuedopinions.co.uk to earn Amazon vouches to keep myself in Wayne’s World wigs and Sex Pistols CDs (they really should put a breathalyser on the Wish List somehow).

Anyway.  Here’s Cinderella with Gypsy Road, which is where I’m headed with this slow-but-stylish slide into destitution.  The song isn’t about a fledgling makeup artist struggling to buy bras, more about shagging and getting into bar fights, but you get the idea.



PS Makeup-related bargain while we’re on the subject of penny-pinching – here are those Iron Fist Zombie Stomper nail stickers on sale, 50% off!  Get in!


you’ll look at this photo and wonder several things

27 Jun


Why doesn’t she wear her hair like that more often?

What’s the shite all over her face?

Why would anyone put a photo of themselves online… looking like THAT?

Well, best beloved, let me try to answer some of those questions for you… now.  I don’t wear my hair like that more often because of my enormous fivehead.  I put this photo up online for your laughing pleasure because we’re not that vain here at ImogenMaxwell.com

And that shite all over my face is a mixture of crushed aspirin, water and honey.  Save your WTFs until after you’ve read this, from hilariookie beauty-blogger extraordinaire, Michaela Williams (who is, apparently, incidentally, a distant cousin of mine.  Check out her blog at http://www.latherrinserepeat.com.au).

So, since you’ve read all about aspirin facials now, I won’t bother going into detailed explanations here.  As regular readers will know from my use of Vegemite as makeup and constant references to makeup I “bought 100 years ago in Australia”, keepin’ it cheap is part of my whole deal.  Suffice to say that aspirin facials work, and they’re cheap.  Which sounds much more like us, now doesn’t it?

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