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8 photos of my eyebrows.

25 Feb

Take 2 x eyebrows…



and one of these guys…



… and if it’s nice n’ sharp, you can start at the outside of the brow, using the pointy pencil tip to pick the hairs up and colour them against the grain, which keeps it off the skin.



This creates a fetching wild-n-bushy look:



… which I like to smooth out with one of these:



The Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Master pencils come with one on the end; most brow pencils do, and if not, just use an old clean mascara wand.



Brush from underneath up and out, then from on top brush any long stragglers back down to join their friends in your perfectly arched neat line-up.

So THAT’S how she does it…



Re-sharpen the pencil then add more where/if required…



et voila.



More eyebrow tips:

Adding a light-coloured powder or pencil (well blended) underneath the arch of the brow can really lift the whole face and highlight the eyebrows nicely.

Put down the tweezers.  Step away from the tweezers.  If you’ve been plucking your brows for years and have gotten into a bit of a pickle and found yourself with misshapen, skinny, stubbly worms on your face, I challenge you to let them grow wild and free for… 6 months.  You’ll thank me.  It’ll be hard at first, and if you need to deal with a monobrow or hair on your actual eyelids, be my guest.  But for a much more flattering, youthful brow, more is more.

cara delavigne

Cara Delavigne knows it.

In these photos I am also wearing:
Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector – 02-Light
Rimmel Match Perfection Silky loose face powder – 001 Transparent
Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo gel-cream eyeshadow – Permanent Taupe
H&M Eyeliner – Chocolate
Boots No.7 Intense Volume mascara – Brown/Black



23 Feb


(Photo by Grant)

This is me, on the beach with Chloe, and as you can see, we’re both wondering how the hell I’m going to come up with today’s post.  My phone-camera is broken, and the digital camera has been missing for days.  I haven’t been able to capture any of this week’s ground-breaking makeup artistry!  DISASTER!

You probably also noticed how amazing our eyebrows are.  I get mine threaded at Superdrug every time I’m down in Glasgow, and as regular readers will also know, I’m a huge fan of Maybelline’s Eye Studio Master Shape brow pencil, either in Blonde or Soft Brown, depending on how much drama I plan to bring with my brows.  My hair, eyes and skin are pale and there’s something I like about having high-contrast dark-dark lashes and brows against that light background.

I’ll show you how it’s done when my technology situation improves, but for now, here’s something for you to contemplate – courtesy of http://www.mandatory.com


illamasqua sealing gel

15 Feb

Just a wee experiment with this product, which I bought a couple of weeks ago and only today got around to trying out.  It’s been raved about by all and sundry, the new miracle product to mix into your powder eyeshadow to instantly turn it into a high-density liquid liner.

I have been using a similar miracle product for years – called “water” – but I’m always up for trying these things out.

These shots were all taken after about 14 hours of wear and tear, including me intermittently rolling my eyes then squeezing them shut in frustration for 8 hours straight at college.


oop, let’s see if we can crop that down a bit, less nose, more eyelid.


and even closer…


What we have here is MAC eyeshadow powder in Coppering (a daring reddish shade that if applied right, makes blue eyes insanely blue, and if applied even a little too heavy-handedly, makes one look as if one has a scorching case of pink-eye), mixed with a little – and I mean a tiny drop – of Illamasqua Sealing Gel, applied with a flat brush in a thin line, slightly winged out in a flick on the outer corner of the eye.

There’s a bit of Maybelline gel-cream eyeshadow (24 Hour Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze) on my eyelids, although it’s mostly worn off, and Boots No. 7 brown mascara.

If you can only set aside 10 seconds for eye makeup yet want to look incredibly incredible, get your ring-fingertip into a pot of Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo and smear it on.  You cannot f_ck it up, I swear.  Shimmery, flattering colours for everyone!  The 24-Hour claim is a bald-faced lie, obviously, but the good news is that you can just pat it back into place if it does travel or crease during the course of the day.  Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe that’s just me and my greasy eyelids.

The MAC Coppering/Illamasqua Sealing Gel is all the way along the top lashline, right down into the inner corner of my eyes, and there it stayed all day, not a smudge or a wrinkle or a fade or a blur in sight.  I’m well impressed, Illamasqua.


Sealing Gel, welcome to my makeup kit.

Chloe’s budgie-eye

5 Feb

To begin, take 1 x sister who wants fancy feature eye makeup for a night at the pub.


Chloe has very good skin, the lucky so-and-so, however I did still feel the need to use some colour-correcting concealer under her eyes, which can look quite blue.  (Agi calls under-eye bags ‘douche bags’, fun fact for today).


Using a mini Benefit Realness of Concealness kit, I put the lemon-yellow concealer under Chloe’s eyes from the inside corner, down alongside her nose and back up under the eye again, kind of in a triangle if that makes more sense.  Boots green primer was buffed along her t-zone to correct redness, and Garnier BB cream in Light was used just under the cheekbones as it’s slightly darker than the light MAC tinted moisturiser I used sparingly over the whole face.


lemon, lime, PURDY!

And now time for the budgerigar-inspired green and yellow smokey eye…


Using MAC Paintpot in Pharaoh, MAC eyeshadows in Wondergrass and Eyepopping and MAC Pigment in Chartreuse, it’s a standard smokey eye … but green!   Woooo.  The Paintpot creme eyeshadow goes on first to give the powder shadow something to stick to, intensifying its colour.  

The darker powder shadow is in the outer corner of the eye and underneath, and the lighter shadow blended out from the inner corner with the glitter pigment applied on top.  The pigment is messy (or maybe it’s just me), so I press it on carefully so it doesn’t go EVERYWHERE.

chloe 2

and now for the finishing touches, with MAC Hi-light powder (this is a limited edition one that I bought in Australia about 100 years ago, from the Dame Edna range – check the catseye specs on the front).  I used two types of blush, because two types of a good thing at the same time is the secret to success.  

The two blushes are a MAC matte peachy-apricoty powder blush in Goddess, and a dirt-cheap-but-one-of-my-faves Miss Sporty brand blush (from Superdrug for about a quid, from memory) that’s a very pale and just-sparkly-enough pink.  

Eyebrows filled in with Maybelline eyebrow pencil in Dark Blonde, which is one of the best eyebrow pencils I’ve ever used – waxy, sticks to the hair not the skin, grooms perfectly.  And it’s the right price.  Wink.


To finish, a bit of black eyeliner on the waterline and under the lashes (Chloe’s favourite part of getting her makeup done – NOT – but she is getting much much better at it).  The best eyeliner I’ve used cost me 50p from Primark.  The colour is INTENSE, it’s really soft and goes on like a dream, and lasts and lasts and lasts.  They have it in brown occasionally as well, and when I come across it, I stock up.  Recommended.  The mascara is Maybelline Colossal Volume in black.

Isn’t she pretty?

DSC04429 DSC04430 DSC04431 DSC04432

bat bat

3 Feb

“Ermagherd, are they real?”

I get this a lot.  Strangers, friends and members of my own family alike have even reached out, closed them between their finger tips and given them a too-rough tweak to check if they’re the real deal.  And, dear reader, while they might look too good to be true, let me assure you that in all their full, perfectly curved perfection, they’re all mine.


While a lot of you filthy animals out there will assume that I’m talking about my magnificent rack, may I remind you that this is a makeup blog and I’m talking of course about my eyelashes.  Inherited from my mother, they’re probably my favourite body part.  They’re long, thick and naturally curled.  Maybe they could be a bit darker, which is why we’re here talking about mascara.

If I know one thing, it’s everything about mascara.  So involved am I with my eyelashes that I would say I spend more time lovingly mascara’ing them than I do on any other part of my usual makeup routine.  Putting on mascara is one of my favourite things about being female, and I genuinely believe that you can have a bad-eyelash day.

Some may say that I take eyelashes perhaps a bit too seriously, but they also can’t deny that it’s something I do well, and I am often asked what’s what with mascara.  I have tried a LOT of mascaras in my time.  You wouldn’t probably be reading this blog if you weren’t also interested in makeup, so you’ll probably understand why it is completely reasonable to own and use fifteen different tubes at the one time.  Black, ultra-black, brown, brown-black, blue, green, ‘eggplant’, charcoal, navy, clear.  Waterproof, smudgeproof,  fade-proof, Titanic-proof, all-day, all-night, volumising.  thickening, enhancing, curling, long-lasting, easy-off, fibre-length, nourising-strength.

And that’s before we even approach the bewildering variety of falsies.  You can even get different coloured glue for your false lashes, for crying out loud.

Anyway.  There is a lot that I have to say about mascara, and I think I’ll leave product reviews for another time.  Here’s how I do it.  It’s all just my opinion, and personal preference will mean that not all of this will work for you.  It all depends on what kind of look you’re going for.

1.  Whatever I do to my eyelids, I do that first (eyeshadow, eyeliner etc)

2. Eyeliner (pencil, brown if I’m wearing brown mascara, otherwise black) goes underneath my top lashes.  Your eyes will water to buggery the first time you try it, but with practice you too will soon be scrubbing that pencil back and forth to grind as much pigment into your lash roots as you possibly can.  Why?  It makes your lashes look thicker.  Whether you’re doing it on your own eyes or on someone else, you’re best off going for the softest, meltiest pencil you can.  Pencils with a bit of colour or shimmer in them can add an interesting and subtle accent, too.

3. Mascara time!  All the usual tips about wiggling the brush right into the roots, zig-zagging it up to the tips of your lashes and so on and so forth.  If you’re going to do more than one coat, move quickly – if you let it dry between layers, it’s more likely to crumb and clump.  Remember, you can blink while you do it.  Having your mouth wide open (pref. with your tongue out) is recommended.  To apply mascara to your bottom lashes, narrow your eyes slightly to lift the lashline and make your bottom lashes stick out away from your skin.  When I apply mascara to other people, I get them to lift their chin a bit and look over my shoulder, and always remind them they can blink while you do it.  Their eyes won’t water if they’re allowed to blink.

The first coat of mascara for me is about brushing my lashes forwards.  Mine grow out at a bit of an angle towards my temples, like most people I would guess.  So I brush them forward with the first coat, and if I do a second coat, it’s either smoothing them back out for a winged effect (suits a smokey eye or a feline-flicked eyeliner nicely) or brushing them even more forward for what I tell myself is a wide-eyed, gamine look.

4. Personally I don’t fart about with lash curlers or lash combs, but if I’m putting false eyelashes on someone else I occasionally use a lash comb to blend the natural and false lashes together.  In my opinion lash curlers are overrated, even if your lashes are straight.   That’s cos I like poker-straight, downwards-growing lashes, I think they look cool.  And most falsies only flick up towards the tip anyway, so you don’t actually NEED to curl them if you don’t want to.  But having said that, I’ve seen some pretty impressive things done with lash curlers, so it could just be that I don’t know how to use them properly.  More practice.  Another area for improvement for me would be lash fibres, I haven’t ever really used them and I am curious.

The mascaras I use most often are a brown Boots No 7 mascara, and Maybelline Volume Express Colossal in black – I always come back to Maybelline for mascara, they’re unbeatable for everyday.  Good value, good formula, good brushes.  As I have long eyelashes I like to use the biggest fluffiest brush I can get my hands on, which is becoming less common these days.  A lot of brands seem to dedicate quite a bit of energy to developing these new amazing brushes that prevent clumps and so on, and I do like to try them if I get a chance – but I always prefer to use an ‘old-style’ mascara brush to really get into the roots.



That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

So that’s my love letter to mascara.  Tell me your thoughts!

goldeneye/graphic black and white eye

20 Jan

Agi is a big fan of the asymetric look.  She often gets me to do a feature eye (just the one – see the pictures of her on my Introductions post), so today we did two different eyes.  A graphic black and white eye which Agi has wanted to try for a while, and a ‘goldeneye’ that I have always wanted to do on Agi – she’s really blonde and I thought making a feature of her pale lashes would be cool.  So here she is!


The black and white eye was done with MAC eyeshadow in Shroom all over the socket, MAC Paint Pot in Blackground, MAC Pigment powder in Vanilla between the top lash line and socket to make it extra white.  Maybelline Colossal Volum’ mascara in black, and some Eyelure individual falsh lashes glued on with Revlon’s new Precision dark lash adhesive.  Maybelline Master Shape brow pencil in Dark Blond and the Body Shop Lightening Touch 01 under the eyes.  Her lips are MAC lipstick in a shade called 15 Minutes which from memory was part of the Andy Warhol limited edition, so not available anymore, although their shade Scanty is similar.

DSC04250 (2)

The goldeneye was done with my lovely, shimmery new creme eyeshadow, Maybelline 24HR Colour Tattoo in 65-Pink Gold. (I’ve also got it in 35-On and on Bronze, which is great for blue eyes).  It’s all over the eyelid and slightly above the socket, applied with a concealer brush because my nails were too long to get into the pot with my fingertip.  Agi’s golden lashes (top and bottom) were done by coating them with MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque, also used on the brow bone to highlight.  This photo doesn’t really capture how it looked in real life unfortunately; it really suited her olive skin tone and brought out the colour of her eyes.


Both eyes looked cool however if we’d actually been going out, rather than just doing two completely different eyes just for practice, I’d have matched the graphic black and white eye with something a bit stronger on the other side to balance it.  The goldeneye would be good for some kind of ethereal dress-up.  Angelic 🙂

What do you think?

agi eyes

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