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orange you happy

24 Jan

Me and Dana stopping traffic.

not sure what your WiFi's like Chris, but this is for you :)

not sure what your WiFi’s like Chris, but this is for you ūüôā

I realised the other day that I’m not worried about money. ¬†This isn’t to say that I have enough money or that I shouldn’t be worried. ¬†My mind’s just been on other things. ¬†Also currently not overly fussed about bum size. ¬†What’s going on?


welcome to the house of fun

2 Jul

It’s all go here at ImogenMaxwell.com this month; my birthday is coming…¬†


… my new smart phone has made me 100% more obnoxious…¬†


… and I’ve got new digs in Glasgow. ¬†I move early August into the most friggin’ gorgeous flat I’ve seen in real life. ¬†From the swamp of responses I received to my¬†gumtree ad, a lone flower emerged from the mire… well, crap analogy but anyway, the best response to my ad led me to three girls around my age with a spare room in the west end. ¬†Score!¬†


they don’t know I look like this in the morning. Yet.

So that’s it. ¬†I’m moving to Glasgow, decision made. ¬†I now have the timetable for my course, I’m there 4 days a week (annoying) but have Friday-Saturday-Sunday off (excellent).


Makeup Forever aqua cream shadows, Illamasqua powder shadow and sealing gel


Anyhoo. ¬†Today’s hair metal classic is another wee diamond with a slightly WTF opening sequence, Summertime Girls by Californian poodle-permers Y & T. ¬†Within this video you’ll find a wide world of 80s wonder – men in crop tops, a bikini that looks like pubes (why why why), a “heavy metal detector” detecting one of the band members buried under the sand, an actual mermaid and painfully high-cut swimwear that only the 80s can do. ¬†

It’s this kind of fun, feel-good, dumb ole rock-n-roll that really makes summer, for me; it’s sure as shit not the drizzle, 90mph wind and 11-degree days here on the west coast of Scotland. ¬†Enjoy!

¬†I like shopping on the internet when I’m drunk

28 Apr

…which is why 3/4 of the storage space in my room is full of crazy crap like this.


take me seriously

Opening packages and parcels is always exciting, especially when you don’t know what’s in them. ¬†So imagine my surprise last week when not one, but two yellow wigs arrived.


The orange lipstick I’m wearing is So Chaud by MAC with a bit of their eyeshadow in Honeylust in the centre of my bottom lip. ¬†Did you guys know they still do the package recycling incentive, so if you return 6 MAC makeup empties of any kind to them, they’ll give you a free lippy (but not from the Viva Glam range, as that’s sold to raise cash for the MAC AIDS fund).

Anyway. ¬†Gotta go rack my brains to see if I can remember why I would have thought I needed two yellow wigs. ¬†I really do have fantastic ideas when I’m pissed, why don’t I write them down? ¬†Oh yeah, because “amazing shelf bum” written on a gin-soaked receipt still leaves me completely in the dark.

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