cool shit, first edition

18 Oct

Hey everybody, today’s post is PHOTOS because while I know you all thirst for my sparkling banter in unhealthy ways, I also know that you really just swing by here to check for tit pics and the like.  Today, you are shit out of luck on both fronts, because I have nothing to say and none of the pictures I’m posting here are my own work or boobs.

You could accuse me of showing complete contempt for my enormous, international legion of fans, as I am putting next to no effort into this post and none of you are going to get anything out of it either.  Why?  It’s mostly just a collection of the cool shit that my friends see on the internet and post on my Facebook wall because they know I love it.  And since most of you reading this are my real-life AND Facebook friends, this post is actually entirely redundant because it’s YOU who sent me the pictures in the first place!  HA!  We’ve come full circle!

Actually not all of it is cool shit you guys sent me.  Some of it I pinched from Instagram, those ones are captioned with the creator’s Instagram link.

I’ll stop talking now.  I present to you… Cool Shit, v1.


cool, huh?

keeping an eye on the time, arf arf arf

keeping an eye on the time, arf arf arf

take on me

take on me

KISS this!

KISS this!

sand, not makeup, but still cool

sand, not makeup, but still cool

That should be enough cool shit to get you through the day, flogstars.  Whatever you’re up to, I hope you’re living it up as much as this guy.

livin' it up

livin’ it up

DAMMIT, now I’ve got that Ja Rule song stuck in my head.  Sorry guys.

Xx Imo

One Response to “cool shit, first edition”

  1. addercatter October 18, 2013 at 12:21 am #

    Wow… some of these are just incredible!!!

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